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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Shock and Awesome

As you know, we've written several times about Shitty TV's habit of rabidly pumping up the fear-o-meter in their "newscasts". Today, BlogTO.com pointed to a hilarious fake twitter account posing as Anne Mroczkowski, one of the fear-monger anchors at City.

If you've seen City's newscasts, it's a pretty fucking hilarious mockery. Some of my fave tweets include:

"Rain is falling but more than just water falls from the sky. Tonight I examine the various ways you can die from things falling from the sky"

"Not everything you think of as a vegetable is one. Tonight I reveal which are secretly fruits in disguise. More than meets the eye. News @ 6"

"Tonight at six I'll reveal which kitchen utensil can be living a deadly secret life as a potential deadly weapon in the wrong hands."

Keep up the good work fake Anne Mroczkowski!


Anonymous said...

Long time reader... first time commentator...

Just tried to lookup the fake Anne twitter site, but alas, it has been suspended due to "strange activity". What kind of strange activities can happen on twitter?

Anonymous said...

Causing mass hysteria with these shocking stories seems like strange activity to me!