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Friday, April 11, 2008

Watch Out!

We here at JTC are huge fans of watches. And no, I'm not talking about Swiss time keeping pieces (although we are a big fan of both the Swiss and their currency) - I'm talking about when something is considered so "news-worthy" that it gets it's own "watch" on the evening news. As luck would have it, these watches usually come packaged with their own graphics and theme music.

I know you've all seen these - if you troll around the net long enough, it's not difficult to find all sorts of this shit, be it a "Storm Watch", "Hurricane Watch", "Disease Watch", "Gas Watch", "Stock Watch", "Britney Watch", or what have you.

However, what we really love - and what seems to grip our beloved city of Toronto every few years - is the threat of a public transit strike by the Toronto Transit Commission. Who can forget the fantastic Wildcat Strike of '06 when we all found out how important wild felines are to the smooth operation of our transit infrstructure? Shit - we loved it so much that we here at JTC came up with our own graphic for that one.

Well, with another TTC strike appearing imminent, our fear-mongering friends at CityTV ("How simple household items CAN KILL YOUR CHILDREN! Coming up, after sports and weather") have come up with a fresh, updated strike watch graphic

I can't wait to see what happens. Truth be told - even though two thirds of the JTC Board of Directors rely on the TTC to get to our...uh....real jobs - I wouldn't mind if there was a strike. I enjoy seeing people being put out of their comfort zones and realizing that maybe walking/biking to work wouldn't kill them. Also, I'm a big fan of general civil unrest. Throw in an Olympic Torch protest with a TTC strike, and I might just be in heaven, comrades.


Anonymous said...

I think you are pathetic...., 2/3 of your job collegues are relying on TTC. Why don't you support for NO STRIKE?Especially if you are looking at the staggering numbers of Torontonians who rely heavily on public transit, myself included.

JohnnyM said...

Dear anonymous,

You're obviously a person of integrity and intelligence, and thus deserve a response to your well thought out comment.

First off, when I said that "two thirds" of us rely on TTC, I meant "2 out of 3" - myself and CoCo. I don't really mind if there's a strike, and I'm betting CoCo probably doesn't either.

And I'm not arguing that large numbers of peeps in TO rely on the TTC...but no TTC strike is going to last longer than a couple of days, and maybe in that time some people will realize that they could just as easily bike/walk to work and not need to rely so much on the TTC.

Putting people out of their comfort zones can sometimes be an effective catalyst for change - think of how the blackout and Earth Hour made people realize that perhaps they don't need to use so much power.

I will agree with you on one thing though - I am pathetic. (Have you been talking to my parents?)

This was way too fucking serious,

Coco The Monkey said...

Anonymous: According to my good, good friends at transport canada, 70% of workers in metro toronto get to work by car, 20% by TTC. Staggering, indeed.


You're staggering (and pathetic),