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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

WTF, Volume 3: Las Vegas

Following Coco's lead, the following is a list of things that made me say, "What the fuck?" when I recently travelling to the charming village of Las Vegas, Nevada:

Jaw-Dropping Obesity
WTF Factor: Loss of Appetite
Seriously - this kinda grossed me out. I noticed on the plane when we were flying there, that there appeared to be a few more...uh...COS's (Customers of Size) than on most flights I've been on, but I frankly wasn't prepared for the amount of sub-cutaneous fat that I got to observe. How did these people walk around with all that weight? Well...some of them didn't...

Why Walk When You Can Ride?

WTF Factor: Pursed Lips
Never have I seen so many people riding on those little scooters in my life. I think the "water-shed" moment for me though was when I saw two scooters "parked" beside the buffet at the Rio.

That Dude That Gave Me The Finger
WTF Factor: Bemused Smile and Wave
One night, me and the CHP were standing on a corner outside the Bellagio. A taxi came around the corner, and the dude who was riding shotgun, leaned out the window and gave us the finger. There was no one else around - it was clearly directed at us. The following conversation ensued:

CHP: "That was nice."
JohnnyM: "I'm sure he had his reasons."

REAL Whoring
WTF Factor: Disbelieving Stare
While there's been some recent discussions of our own whoring activities here at JTC, I wasn't prepared for the open nature of the REAL whoring in Vegas. Trucks went down the strip, guys wore t-shirts with phone numbers while handing out ads, and every 10 feet there were boxes with pamphlets in them, all offering "girls to your room!"

Not my bag, peeps...but if it's yours - stay safe.

Bringing Children To "Sin City"

WTF Factor: Head Shake
Why? Seriously: why?


Lisa Rose Mia said...

Great blog! Y'all are hilarious!!

Elaine said...

The other place where those scooters are ubiquitous: Disney World. And the majority of people in them look like Type 2 diabetes cases.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if you were actually funny you wouldn't have to leech off SWPL.

FallenMuse said...

Clearly you didn't see the Treasure Island show. Wtf - where's the sinking ship?

Anonymous said...

the jaw-dropping obesity guy could definitely benefit from following the process flow diagram aka jlo's miracle weight loss plan...i mean common he must have at least 2 babies in there.