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Monday, February 13, 2006

Q1 Pub-crawl Results: Corrections and Clarifications

The executives down at JTC have to be pretty proud of themselves this morning. They were able to generate at least 10 great ideas at Friday night's JTC off-site, aka "pubcrawl" (see blog below for the minutes.) I wonder if other companies should 'leverage' off the idea of an executive pubcrawl to create new ideas and initiatives within their respective companies. I'd personally enjoy seeing multi-million dollar CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, and CTOs trying to order White Russians at Sensual Lounge.

To address the geometry debate which occurred at Suz Dal. I stand corrected on the the rhombus shape. It is not the shape of the goalie zone behind NHL hockey nets. My memory of grade seven math has failed me yet again. I had no idea what a parallelepiped was either, but after a visit to mathworld.wolfram.com, a parallelepiped is just six congruent rhombuses - or rhombi.

The dolphin weight debate will depend on which type of dolphin each of us had in mind. I was thinking of the popular bottle-nosed dolphins, which have an average weight of 350 lbs (answers.com). But it seems smaller dolphins can weigh 165 lbs on average, so there's no clear winner on this one. Well, it's all for charity, so what's the difference? More interesting, are the other facts discovered about dolphins (reference: answers.com):

"Play behavior is highly developed in the bottlenose from infancy through old age, and in this connection it displays considerable tool-making, tool-using, and manipulative ability; for example, a dolphin has been observed to kill a fish, strip its skeleton, and use the bones, held in the mouth, to pry another fish out of a crevice. Sex play is frequent and is initiated by any individual toward any other, without regard to size, age, sex, relationship, or even species; approaches to human beings and to turtles are common."

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Q1 Pub-crawl results

Well, the pub crawl was nothing short of a resounding success. For once, we decided to take notes during the event, to ensure that none of our spectacular ideas were lost. While we need to go through and develop them, I thought you might enjoy a word-for-word transcript of the notes...a "teaser" if you will for future blog entries. Here you go:

- JTC-approved stickers for pubs
- pubcrawlers.com
- accents -> tilde, umlout (sp?); French keyboard (insults you)
- Rick Steves blog - fake tour of Toronto
- Harlequin romance book cover; shirt off, at laptop, sweating
- Alcohol-filled boobs; 1 for baby, 1 for Dad; Hooters?; White Russian; Drink a lot of Kahlua
- not JTC-approved sticker
- enter a bar screaming
- 1) Midtown - approved
- 2) Sensual Lounge - not approved
- My husband, the dolphin
- look up dolphin weight - NOT 300lbs; 9:56pm
- bar survey for next pub-crawl; rankings
- 3) Collision - 10:15pm
- 4) Harmony - 11:10pm
- 5) Suze Dal - 11:40pm
- vacation discounts - related to BDay, anniversary
- What the hell is a rhombus? Parellelpiped
- 6) Eay My Martini - 12:32am
- 7) Cafe Diplomatico - 1:05am
- want a pizza in a steak; shave off the crust
- Greko-Roman Bobsled; "Shut up, take off your spandex pants, and get on the sled"; originated from Skeleton and 2-Man luge

As you can tell, it was a hell of a night.

Friday, February 10, 2006

An apology...and a source of new material!

Alright, so let's not mince words - the rate of updates on this blog has been pretty horrendous over the last couple of weeks. But no matter - all of that will change soon! Tonight, we will be enjoying the "JTC Q1 Pub Crawl". While the name isn't quite as catchy as, say, "Descent Into Madness IV", "Roaring Bender II", or "Supercrawl 2005", I still think it's going to be a pretty good event.

This time around, we are punishing the bars and pubs of College Street, and frankly, I think it's going to be fantastic. We will be bringing a pen and paper with us to write down all of the unbelievably hilarious things that are said over the course of the evening, and we will ensure that each and every one of them end up as a blog entry. Try not to get too excited, but it's going to be awesome (the crawl, and the subsequent blog entries.)