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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Here's Your Goddamn Post, Co-Co

Last week, I attended a conference for work (my real job - not a conference for hilarious bloggers. Unfortunately.) I sent an e-mail to update my fellow Board of Directors of JTC regarding the conference, which included the following nugget:

"Also going on at the same hotel? The 17th Annual Canadian Breastfeeding conference. I shit you not. Let's just say there are not a lot of males attending that one. And seriously - "17th Annual"?!? "

I then received the following response from a certain "Co-Co The Monkey":

"I am fucking irate. There is material for at least 2-3 outstanding potential blog entries here. I mean, come on - we’re trying to run a fucking fake company here.

'Ok everyone, thanks for coming, and welcome to the first annual Canadian Breastfeeding Conference! I am so excited to be here, it’s been a long road. Finally Canada has a stake in the ground amongst breastfeeding conferences around the world. I’m especially excited about this year’s theme, ‘Tits out!’. We have some tremendous speakers, and I encourage you to consult the program and get your tickets early - they are going quickly. I’d like to point you to page 6 of the program, which briefly outlines Saturday’s closing events, including our keynote speaker, Deloris Abrams, who will be speaking about the challenges of public feeding and will be singing copies of her latest book ‘Booby trapped: public space versus natural needs’. I hope you all have a great weekend at the conference, and don’t forget to stop by our featured sponsor’s booth, Mother’s Milkers, for a free trial breast pump - you’ll never go back to a generic pump again.'


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