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Friday, March 21, 2008

Stuff JohnnyM Likes

Most (both?) of you are probably aware of the hilarious blog "Stuff White People Like". Despite the fact that this blog has only been in existence since January of this year, it is extremely popular, registering almost 16 million hits, with upwards of 600 comments on each post.

By comparison, our blog has been around for over 2 years, has only been viewed 5,000 times, and frequently our posts generate zero comments.

In an article published in the Toronto Star on Thursday, one of the creators of the Stuff White People Like blog states, "There was no grand plan. We'd done comedy blogs just for a few friends. We expected maybe 10 people on this one. But then it went completely viral."

If there's one thing in this world that I like, it's someone who has a very similar idea to me, only he executes that idea much, much better. Much better.

Because we like to put the "who" in "whoring", my buddy Coco the Monkey decided to put a link to the JTC blog into a comment on the Stuff White People Like blog on Wednesday of this week. The results speak for themselves - here's a chart of traffic on our blog for the past month:

Stuff white people like appears to include "blindly clicking on links".


christa said...

this happened for me to. i went from 8 views to 77. holler!


Anonymous said...

funny stuff!!

Mario said...

Your bit of whoring seemed to work. I clicked the link and found your blog site. Good stuff!

Dakota A said...

Yes, I only found your blog due to my interest in "Stuffwhitepeoplelike", but since it only took me an hour to both read all the entries on that site, and to mass-email my friends about it, I have nothing left to do! So, I plan on reading through your archives, since the posts I have seen so far are pretty good...

Zach Smith said...

To be fair, I didn't blindly follow your link because I didn't follow it until I saw the follow up post about how people blindly follow the link, but still I'm here from swpl.

Was that a confusing enough sentence?

It looks like you may have your first 1,000 visit month, congrats!

So since this seems to be the theme, I have an entirely irrelevant blog about Wake Forest sports...So blindly follow the link!


Anonymous said...

I blindly clicked the link..... I like computers

Anonymous said...

I hate to admit it, but I'm clearly white...I blindly clicked too!

Corina said...

I have to say... "My Evening With Anna" is freakin hilarious!

I blindly clicked and since have brought your blog up in every conversation.

Alex said...


Anonymous said...

I found your site on the Stuff White People Like comments also :)

I have wordpress, so I actually found that thing randomly when I was surfing the site. The next day it was in the Washington Post!