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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tuesday's Random Thoughts

Just a few things I felt like sharing today:

1) I was at CostCo last night. Anyone familiar with this establishment knows that anything you purchase must be bought in ridiculously high quantities. As I was picking up a giant bottle of multi-vitamins, I cast my gaze over the "club-packs" of condoms. Anyone who feels the urge to buy their condoms in bulk is either: a) enjoying a great deal of sex; or b) completely delusional. Either way - bravo, I say.

2) I really hate shitty music. I think that one of the crappiest bands that has risen to prominence over the past few years is Maroon 5. Seriously - they're shit. Sometimes I feel like I'd rather be undergoing dental work than listen to them. Well, today I got to compare and contrast these situations. I was at the dentist, being worked on by the hygienist (aka "The Butcher"). Imagine my surprise - as she dug that metal pointy thing into my gums for the 15th time - when "She Will Be Loved" came on the radio. My eyes were watering with the pain, but I'm not sure if the source was my mouth or my ears. Excruciating.

3) I really love good music. The best CD I've bought this year is by a band called The Kooks. You should check out a couple of their songs on their myspace site here. Their show in Toronto on May 8th has recently been moved to a larger venue (The Guvernment), so it's no longer sold out. I highly recommend you (both?) all go.

That is all.


mcewen said...

congrats on your award! And yes, even I [alien] am familiar with Costco, but we don't visit because my garage is too small!

JohnnyM said...

If any (both?) of you are confused by the previous comment, we here at JTC are pleased to announce that we were nominated for a "Blog of the Day" award. You can see for yourself here: http://blogofthedayawards.blogspot.com/2007/02/jtc-inc-bad-workplace-humor.html

I have a sense that this may warrant its own post tomorrow, so I'm just going to leave it at that, and get back to burning The Kooks CD for CoCo, which is actually why I'm currently at my computer.

Tmac said...

I personally take offence to "The butcher" reference...perhaps you should try flossing, those gums don't floss themselves....Happy Belated.

JohnnyM said...

Why are you defending all dental hygienists? Surely you can agree that some are good, and some are shit, no?

Mine's one of the shit ones.

Tmac said...

Let's not paint all with the same shitty brush.