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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

What is JTC Inc?

Alright, people - it's time to kick this baby off properly. Let's get down to the nitty-gritty, with a hard-hitting Q&A session:

Q: What is JTC Inc?
A: This is a question that we, the JTC Board of Directors, have been wrestling with for a few years. Simply put, the acronym JTC stands for "Jump to Conclusions", and is taken from the hilarious movie Office Space. If you haven't seen this movie, go and rent it immediately. Actually, finish reading this, then go rent it. In the movie, there's a dude - Tom Sipowski (sp?) - who insists that all you need to become rich in life is one good idea (like the pet rock.) Tom's good idea is a "Jump to Conclusions Mat". You see - it's mat....with a bunch on conclusions written on it...that you jump to.

Q: Who is on this "Board of Directors"?
A: Well, there's me - Johnny M - and my good friends, P-Christ and Co-Co The Monkey. Please note that no one on the board is called "T-Bone". (We're huge fans of Seinfeld, and you will need a passing knowledge of the show to really enjoy this blog.)

Q: So what does JTC Inc actually do?
A: Well...right now we have this blog. We also go out drinking fairly frequently. And we write each other incredibly funny e-mails.

Q: Wait a second. This blog is your good idea? I know about a billion other people with that idea.
A: Alright, alright - there's no need to be so judgemental. We're working on it. We have this other idea...it's a sitcom...where the actors are playing pets. You see, in our crazy, alternate world the humans are dogs, and the dogs are humans. It's called "Human Style". (Get it?)

Q: That is horrendous.
A: Yeah, good point. Ever since we sobered up, that idea didn't quite seem to have the legs we thought it would. But we have other good stuff!

Q: Like what?
A: Well, frankly, there's an enormous e-mail archive of jokey stuff that could totally be written up for the masses to enjoy. And we tell a lot of jokes about not wearing pants. Go to www.nopantsday.com - it's quite humourous.

Q: Well, I'll give it a shot, but no guarantees.
A: Thanks.

Q: Hey - where are your pants?
A: Hilarious.

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