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Friday, December 23, 2005

Airing of Grievances - A Blood Feud

Now, I'm sure you're all eagerly anticipating hearing how the JTC Board of Directors meeting went on Thursday night. Well, despite the fact that the board wasn't able to meet separately (as so often happens, we're just so godammned popular that it's hard for the three of us to meet without others being present), the meeting was a resounding success. Food and drink were consumed, Golden Tee was played, and numerous jokey ideas were formulated, including passionate discussion of why the Swiss Franc shits on all other currencies in the world ("I wipe my ass with the Italian Lira!"; "Do you know that professional soccer players demand to be paid in Swiss Francs?"), and the reasoning behind Mennonites not using technology (it's not for religious reasons or because of deeply held personal beliefs...it's because their rods and cones are all screwy, and they can't see small buttons and switches properly.)

On the subway ride home, my fellow boardmembers - P-Christ and Co-Co the Monkey - declared that because they didn't have to work today (unlike yours truly), they'd be "spending the day blogging", making sure that all discussions were properly documented. Imagine my surprise when I check the blog after work, and discover NOTHING. Those friggin' lazy bastards...they were probably off "buying gifts for others", or "volunteering with the less fortunate." Selfish bastards.

For this reason, I must now take the unfortunate step of declaring a blood feud against P-Christ and that stupid simian, Co-Co. A plague upon both your houses, ya bastards!

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