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Thursday, December 22, 2005

VIA Rail Canada clarifies fare rules amid confusion

TORONTO [Reuters]
Thursday, December 22, 2005

VIA Rail has released a statement addressing claims made by the popular rock combo "The Darkness", where lead singer Justin Hawkins indicated that he had purchased a ticket that VIA officials claim "is not possible on current routes or within current fare restrictions". The statement is to address confusion, VIA says, as many customers have been calling for the new discounted fare.

Toronto resident Jim Proud voiced his concerns over the apparent breach of fare rules. "I just paid $125 Canadian for a round trip ticket to Kingston" Mr. Proud explained, "but for some reason these celebrities are given special treatment and can go both ways on a one-way fare."

The statements are in direct retaliation to The Darkness' claims that they were able to purchase "A one way ticket to hell... and back".

Repeatedly making this statement on their tour caused VIA officials to ensure the public was notified that "no special case changes were made to fare rules", and quoting The Darkness' own lyrics, indicated the band was "talking absolute rubbish" and that they should "stick it up [their] fucking noses."

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