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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

JohnnyM's Quick Hits

That's right kids - another edition of my ridiculously popular "Quick Hits". Let's hit that together:

1) The 'open call' submission deadline is rapidly approaching for Nuit Blanche - all the details are here. On Thursday night, Coco and I are going out to the Leafs game ("Come for the historically bad penalty killing! Stay for the $15 beer!") and before the game we're going to work on the JTC submission for Nuit Blanche. What will it be? Who the hell knows, but if I was a betting man, I'd be wagering heavily on hilarity, a toilet, juxtapostion, and multiple strobe lights. Juxtapose! Strobe!

2) You know those losers at pubs who stand around playing that stupid virtual golf game? Yeah, well - that's us. We do that kind of a lot. And when they pulled Golden Tee out of Scotland Yard, we were all devastated. Until Coco called me and exclaimed, "I called the Elephant and Castle! They have Golden Tee! But the waitress wasn't sure which version." I was somewhat torn between the excitement of finding another place to play, and disbelief that Coco called purely to ask about the pub's Golden Tee status. Anyway, if you think that's lame, you know what's blow-your-mind lame? Putting your "great shots" on YouTube. Like my hole in one (on a par 4, suckers!) from last Friday.

3) Monday, February 15th is Family Day here in Ontario, so we all get the day off work. And I think we all know what that means: pub crawl on Sunday, February 14th. Valentine's Day? It's for lovers. Lovers of extreme intoxication.