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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Joey Jeremiah: Fashion Visionary

As “Anonymous” commented on Johnny M’s recent post, the TTC ‘Service Alert’ emails we receive (here’s an alert: the TTC’s service is shit) leave us “with no excuse to disappear for months at a time again.” I think he’s right. One such alert received today was as follows:

-----Original Message-----From: My TTC [mailto:TTC@myttce-alerts.com] Sent: Wednesday, January 13, 2010 10:35 AMTo: Monkey, Coco TheSubject: TTC Service Alert [System Notification]

Due to a collision at Queen & DeGrassi, the 501 Queen route is diverting from Broadview to Coxwell. Shuttle buses are running.

Last updated Jan 13, 2010 10:33 AM

Following receipt of this Johnny M and I had some banter about how to the kids at Degrassi High might be behind it, and Johnny M commented “I bet that Joey Jeremiah is - He’s one slick dude”. This got me thinking about Joey. My thought process was as follows:

1. Joey Jeremiah IS a pretty fucking slick dude!

I dwelled on this for a second to arrive at:

2. I think the main contributor to his slickness is the fedora.

Then I thought:

3. Isn’t it awesome that Joey wore a fedora almost twenty years before these hipsters who wear them now.

Which was followed by:

4. Joey Jeremiah has several things in common with hipsters, not just the fedora.

Which triggered the reaction:

5. Time to write a blog post.

And naturally lead to:

6. A bowel movement.

See Anonymous, I agree with you, and despite having a bowel movement, this TTC email clearly led to a blog post, and it wasn’t hard to get there at all.

With that short introduction, I present here an analysis of the common traits of Joey Jeremiah and the modern urban hipster. Based on this analysis, I can conclude that either Joey Jeremiah, the actor who played him, or the person responsible for wardrobe on the set of Degrassi was twenty years ahead of their time.

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