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Sunday, January 27, 2008

People Who Don't Speak English Very Well Are Funny

On my recent sojurn to the beautiful country of Nepal, I picked up a bit of a sore throat. When I headed down to the "pharmacy", I found their selection of throat lozenges rather limited, and purchased the only ones they had, the internationally renowned "Matsils Lozenges".

There was some funny shit on that box, let me tell you. On the front, it exclaimed, "Reveal and help to refresh mouth and tongue in new taste." And on the back, the box informed me, "Everyone will experience its unique taste and flavour." That's just great stuff.

Can you believe that I was able to find a picture of the *exact* box on the net? God bless the internet, that's what I say.
The lozenges are made by the benign sounding "Millat Chemical Co. Ltd.", and they have what can only be described as one hell of a website.

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