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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Things That Drive Me Insane Vol. 2 - Shitty Sports Fans

So - who knows someone who was busy taking time off during the World Cup to watch games, wearing their Italian soccer shirt around, bragging about how great the Italians were, spending time on College Street, commenting on what an idiot Zidane was, etc., etc.? I sure do.

Did you ever get the impression that if you asked these people anything actually relevant to the game of soccer or its history that they'd be all "deer in the headlights"? I sure did.

So - as all true soccer fans know, the qualifying round for Euro 2008 started this past weekend. Group B is fascinating, with teams such as France, Italy, Ukraine and a team I happen to have a bit of a soft spot for, Scotland. The action has been spectacular so far, with Scotland leading the group on goal differential over France after two games.

Now, yesterday, I turned to one of these aforementioned Shitty Sports Fans (SSFs) and the following conversation ensued:

JohnnyM: "So - big game today, eh?"
SSF: "What are you talking about?"
JM: "The France-Italy game? You know - a rematch of the World Cup final?"
SSF: "Oh really - they're playing?"
JM: "Uh...yeah. It's a pretty big deal."
SSF: "Oh...whatever."

Holy fucking shit. You know, these are the exact same people who have no idea what's happening to the Leafs during the regular season, and then when the playoffs come, paint their faces blue, drive up and down Yonge Street leaning on the horn, and generally irritate the shit out of everyone. Enraging.

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